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Truss provides tech companies with a global hiring platform that is in place to help you and your company find software engineers, programmers, web developers, IT support specialists, data analysts, network engineers, database administrators, cloud engineers, and more across the globe. Tech companies who are looking for talent to add to a global remote team can get the help they need with Truss on their side.

When tech companies hire across the globe with Truss, they want to know – is there a language barrier with global remote workers? A diverse and global team is an asset for any company, but the language barrier can be a challenge. We can help you find, recruit, and hire global tech employees in Central Asian countries that include – Georgia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and more.

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Is Language an Obstacle When You Hire Global Tech Employees?

Tech companies that want to hire in Central Asia want to know if tech workers in Central Asia can speak and understand English. The short answer – YES. The influence of the United States continues to grow in the Central Asian region and so does the use of English. An estimated 18.8% of the world speaks some level of English and in emerging markets like Central Asia, that is an advantage for tech companies that want to hire software engineers and developers.

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There are more than 19 million people in Kazakhstan and 15.4% of the population speaks English and an estimated 49.6% can read and write in English. More than 34 million people call Uzbekistan home and an estimated 5.43% of the population is well versed in the English language. Georgia is a smaller country on the border between Eastern Europe and Central Asia and is home to 3.7 million people where an estimated 80% – 85% speak some amount of English.

Tech companies that are concerned about remote workers that speak English can trust the Truss Team to find fluent English speakers in Central Asia. We want to help you succeed and a seamless integration into your team is a key element. We will find qualified English-speaking tech workers in Central Asia that are the perfect fit for your team and will be able to hit the ground running when they join your company.

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What Are the Benefits of Bilingual Remote Workers?

When you hire a remote and global team with Truss, you will discover an impressive list of benefits and advantages that go far beyond ability and skill. Here is a better look at the benefits of bilingual remote workers.

  • Improved Communication – Communication can be difficult at the best of times – and even more so when employees work remotely across the globe. A study by Cornell University found that individuals who were multilingual had better communication, listening, and problem-solving skills when compared to monolingual people.
  • Diverse Cultures – Tech employees that grow up, live, and work in different countries across the globe have a more diverse cultural perspective that helps them better communicate and collaborate with co-workers from different backgrounds.
  • Stronger Employee Relationships – Are you looking to build a cohesive team that can help drive success for your business? Multilingual employees tend to develop stronger relationships with co-workers that will undoubtedly improve the performance of your company. 
  • Diverse Skills – Not everyone across the globe – even in the same industries – do everything the same way. Multilingual and multicultural employees on your team may have a different approach to the same issue that can help you adapt and improve processes.
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How Can Truss Help You Find Multilingual Tech Employees?

Truss has the experience and knowledge that you need when you hire global remote tech employees in Central Asia. We have a global team in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Georgia that knows where to find the best talent available that fits your needs. When the Truss Team is on the recruiting trail and searches for qualified applicants, the ability of those individuals to speak English is a key search parameter.

Tech companies that want to know – is there a language barrier with global remote workers – do not have to worry about a language barrier with Truss. When you have found the right fit for your team with the help of Truss – we will serve as your employer of record in Central Asia and we will help you manage payroll for your global team.

Contact the Truss Team today to learn more about how we can help you find global additions to your tech company team!