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  • Employer of Record VS Staffing Agency

    Employer of Record VS Staffing Agency

    Are you a U.S.-based tech company with plans to go global? Are you looking for premium talent in emerging markets? Do you want to add global talent to your team of web developers and software engineers? Emerging markets – like Central Asia – are loaded with tech talent that can help your company grow and...…

  • Average Salary in Kazakhstan

    Average Salary in Kazakhstan

    Kazakhstan, a rising star in Central Asia, boasts a young, tech-savvy population and a strategic location connecting Europe and Asia. This dynamic blend makes it an attractive destination for businesses seeking to expand their operations. Understanding employee compensation in a diverse and evolving market can be tricky. Fear not, intrepid entrepreneur! This guide will equip...…

  • Average Salary in Georgia

    Average Salary in Georgia

    Georgia, nestled in the heart of the Caucasus region, is experiencing a dynamic economic transformation. With a skilled workforce, a favorable business climate, and a strategic location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, the country is attracting an increasing number of global businesses. If you’re considering expanding your operations to Georgia, understanding employee compensation...…

  • 5-Minute Virtual Team Building Activities

    5-Minute Virtual Team Building Activities

    In the dynamic landscape of remote work, maintaining a strong sense of camaraderie among your virtual team is crucial. Team bonding activities not only foster a positive work environment but also enhance collaboration and productivity. TRUSS, your go-to employer of record service in Central Asian countries, is here to help you out with 10 quick...…

  • Average Salary in Uzbekistan

    Average Salary in Uzbekistan

    Uzbekistan, a nation at the crossroads of Central Asia, is experiencing an exciting economic transformation. With a young and growing population, coupled with government initiatives focused on modernization and foreign investment, the country is attracting increasing attention from businesses worldwide. For those considering entering the Uzbek market, understanding employee compensation is crucial. Determining average salaries...…

  • Penalties for Misclassifying Employees

    Penalties for Misclassifying Employees

    When you run a company and have employees that work for you – each employee will have an employment classification. We know, this probably isn’t news to you, but it is crucial that when you classify your employees, you do it right. With the advent of remote workforces and the influx of global talent in...…

  • International Contractor vs Employee

    International Contractor vs Employee

    More and more companies have updated their business model to include remote workforces – and tech companies may benefit more than most. If your U.S.-based tech company has started to move towards a remote workforce and plans to add global employees, you may have questions about the best way to add employees to your team....…

  • Top 5 Global Mobility Tax Issues to Consider

    Top 5 Global Mobility Tax Issues to Consider

    Are you a diverse and global tech company? Are you looking for ways to become more global and embrace a remote workforce? Global mobility – which is often defined as employee relocation – is when companies transfer or employ individuals in multiple countries. The advantages of a remote and global workforce are immense – but...…

  • What is Payment in Lieu of Notice?

    What is Payment in Lieu of Notice?

    Tech companies who hire global employees will undoubtedly have to terminate employees from time to time – and payment in lieu of notice is a viable alternative to the standard two-week notice period that many companies employ. TRUSS provides global tech companies with an innovative platform to hire, pay, and manage talent in Central Asia...…

  • Kazakhstan Payroll and Benefits Guide

    Kazakhstan Payroll and Benefits Guide

    Do you have hiring ambitions in Central Asia? Have you thought about hiring in Kazakhstan? It’s an underutilized and underestimated talent market, especially for tech. TRUSS can help you hire there, but first, check out our Kazakhstan payroll and benefits guide. Kazakhstan Payroll Breakdown In Kazakhstan, there are a few categories of employer contributions. There...…


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