How to Fill Open Tech Roles in 2023?

The number of job vacancy postings in computer occupations in America exceeds 804,000, according to a National Foundation for American Policy (NFAP) analysis of data from Lightcast Job Posting Analytics. Think about that for a moment. If someone in the U.S. decides to look for a new tech job or enters the tech job market, they have 804,000 open positions to consider. How many open positions do you have or expect to have, and how are you going to stand out and fill those positions? You’re not the only company trying to figure out how to fill open tech roles in 2023. The solution might just be to look in places you’ve never considered before, and TRUSS can help you build your product and engineering team!.

Why is it Hard to Hire in Tech?

U.S. professionals in computer fields earn higher salaries than nearly all Americans except for professional athletes, doctors, lawyers, and a few other professions. This isn’t a problem for some big tech firms out there, but if you’re a start-up, those wages can make it impossible to get your idea off the ground at all.

So basically, software engineers are the professional athletes of the corporate world. Like professional athletic teams, product and engineering teams require top talent to produce world-class software. Companies are competing to attract top talent and looking abroad for untapped markets. More than ever before, companies hiring tech talent are needing to be creative and think outside of the box to fill their open headcount.

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It’s Time to Tap an Untapped Market

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TRUSS is the best partner for progressive leaders to grow their teams and reach their hiring goals in 2023 because we can tap you into a mostly untapped market. What do you know about Uzbekistan and Georgia? Maybe you know that Uzbekistan has a fun name and maybe you are just learning that Georgia is not just the name of a U.S. state but also an entire country.

That’s fine. You don’t need to know anything about these places, because TRUSS does. Our founders have been tapping into the talent of these countries for decades. We’ve built companies, thousands of websites (yes, literally thousands), and more importantly, we’ve built lasting relationships with some very talented people in those areas.

TRUSS: A Digital Agency’s Secret Weapon

When we began utilizing Uzbek and Georgian talent many years ago, it was definitely an untapped market. Today, it’s even more so. Why? It’s not that no one has been wise to the situation, it’s actually that both countries are experiencing a tech boom. This is in part due to government and local initiatives—such as the million developer project at the IT Park in Uzbekistan—and in part due to the flood of talented tech migrants from neighboring areas.

An End-to-End Solution With TRUSS

The easiest way to tap into that market in both Uzbekistan and Georgia is to rely on TRUSS. We offer an end-to-end solution where we can handle sourcing, vetting, and hiring. Moreover, we will be your employer of record and handle things like ongoing compliance, payroll, PTO management, and more. We are truly a boutique service that can support you and even be your training wheels to help your team and your business grow.

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