Take Advantage of Georgia's Tech Talent Boom

Have you heard? Georgia is having a boom of tech talent, and no we are not talking about the southern state. In fact, we hear there is a tech talent shortage there right now. It’s the country of Georgia that suddenly has a lot of I.T. talent. Are you a tech company looking for talent of your own? Then perhaps you can take advantage of Georgia’s tech talent boom. Learn about its causes and how you can hire today!

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Why Does the Country of Georgia Have So Much Tech Talent?

The political landscape of Eurasia has been complicated this year, and it has meant many talented individuals are leaving their home country in search of someplace new. Due in part to its location, the country of Georgia is seeing thousands of migrants from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus flood into its small borders.

How small is the country of Georgia? The state of Georgia is actually over twice the size of the country of Georgia. That makes the fact that over 80,000 migrants have entered the country just this year a little crazy. On top of that, almost half of those migrants are believed to work in the I.T. industry. In a country of just 4 million, that’s a big bump in talent.

Hiring Hurdles in Georgia

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Georgia is a good country for hiring, the issue comes when you actually have to set up an entity to do the hiring. It will take months to get the process done, it will cost thousands, and it won’t be very fun. Believe us, TRUSS went through the process ourselves, and you can read all about what it was like for us to set up that entity.

However, we already have an entity there. That means TRUSS can be your employer of record and enable you to start hiring a stellar global team immediately instead of wasting time and money while everyone else is snatching up the talent that could be yours.

Why Hire Full-time Global Employees vs Contractors?

Is Georgia’s Tech Talent Temporary?

In some ways it is temporary, but perhaps not in the way you think. With so many migrant I.T. specialists coming into the country so fast, it can be easy to think they are just taking advantage of the nearest port in the storm. Though that may be at least partially true, many are finding Georgian life to be very agreeable. Not only have we seen this in data so far, but we’ve also heard it anecdotally from many of our team members that are now working and living in Georgia.

However, the boom may still be temporary as big tech companies find ways to take advantage of this newly available workforce. Right now though, there is so much talent available that it can be almost too easy to find the perfect team of talent.

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How to Find the Perfect Georgian Remote Tech Team?

We did say it’s easy, but really we meant that it’s easy for us at TRUSS. We have a dedicated team of native speakers in Georgia that knows the talent market in the region and knows how to source, qualify, and hire the best people.

If you are looking for talented software developers and engineers, and you are interested in hiring a remote global team to fill those positions, then there is no better time than now. TRUSS is ready to help you grow your team. Reach out to us today!