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Are you a growing tech company? Are you hoping to hire talented web developers across the globe? Traditional markets across the globe, where many U.S. companies hire tech employees – like India and Latin America – are faced with a talent shortage.

Central Asia – on the other hand – is a region on the rise that can benefit U.S.-based tech companies. The region continues to show economic growth in the face of the Ukraine conflict, and even with slower growth rates, countries like Georgia, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan possess incredible tech talent that can and will benefit your company with the help of TRUSS. 

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Businesses who are searching for talented individuals in emerging economies that want to work in the tech industry may be surprised by what they find in Central Asia. We understand that tech recruiting in Central Asia may not be at the top of your to-do list – but that is where TRUSS can help. We have the experience and knowledge you need on your side to find talented employees in Central Asia. We will bring the talent to you. 

How To Make Tech Hiring Easy in Central Asia

There is a long list of to-dos when you decide to hire outside of the United States and it can make the recruiting and hiring processes complicated. You may not know where to look. You may be faced with a language barrier. You may face legal hurdles you need to overcome in select countries. You may not understand the culture. You may not have the time or the capabilities to set up a legal entity.

TRUSS can help – and we will make the process easy. Armed with our innovative platform, you will have the tools you need to help find the right fit for your business. The TRUSS platform will help you navigate the obstacles from A to Z, save money, and hire talented individuals for your team in Central Asia. 

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Why Hire Tech Employees in Central Asia? 

Central Asia is a growing economy and market. The annual economic growth rate in Central Asian countries has been 6.2% for the past two decades, which is backed by more foreign direct investment, a rise in incomes and a rise in Gross Domestic Product (GDP). By comparison – the United States annual economic growth rate rose by 1.3% in the past year with an annual GDP growth rate of 1.6%.

The growing interest in tech companies and remote work has led many individuals in growing markets to focus on web development and tech-related fields, creating an impressive talent pool for U.S. companies that want to hire globally. TRUSS has the ability to recruit and hire in Georgia, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan in Central Asia. Kazakhstan has a projected 3.5% economic growth rate this year. Uzbekistan has seen similar economic growth with a projected economic growth rate of 5.7%. The country of Georgia is expected to see an economic growth rate of 5.36% this year.

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How Can TRUSS Help Hire Tech Employees in Central Asia?

Have you decided to hire in Central Asia? We do not think you will be disappointed and we are here to help at TRUSS. We have a global team at TRUSS that has the ability to find and recruit talented tech employees across Central Asia. We put an emphasis on technical skill and fluent English to ensure that when hired, global employees hit the ground running at your company.

To find the talent in Central Asia is not the only hurdle tech companies will face and TRUSS is here to help. When you have found the right fit for your company, TRUSS will function as the employer of record – the legal employer of a worker that handles compliance with local labor laws in foreign countries. TRUSS will assist with onboarding, payroll, management, and human resources for employees hired in Central Asia.

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Are you planning to hire tech employees outside of the United States? Central Asia is a growing market with plenty of talent to fit your business and when you need help with tech recruiting in Central Asia – you will be hard-pressed to find a better partner than TRUSS. 

Contact TRUSS today to learn more about our platform, services, and prices!